Wednesday, 14 April 2010

British TV ads strike again!

I was actually trying to find a clip of the new McVities 'Breakfast Biscuits' ad, which I think is ludicrous, but these ones also make me snort my coffee when they come on. I just wish these manufacturers were not allowed to pretend like their food is healthy when it blatantly isn't! These biscuits (I suppose you yanks* would call them all cookies!) are very easy to munch on without thinking, even I could easily get through an entire pack in one sitting if I didn't care about myself too much. Now, I suppose that wouldn't be too bad if the biscuits were relatively healthy or low in calories, but oh no, they're not. Check out the stats:

Calories 86
Protein 1.2
Carbohydrate 11.2
Fat 4.1
Fibre 0.4

That is the content per biscuit. Given that 1 biscuit is about the same size as the palm of a toddler's hand, I'd say that's a pretty unhealthy thing to put in your mouth. Now there are the stats for 100g of these biscuits:

Calories 505

Protein 6.8
Carbohydrate 65.8
Fat 23.9
Fibre 2.3

Pretty ridiculous right? Now say you ate the whole pack (400g) in one go (easily done):

Calories 2020
Protein 27.2
Carbohydrate 263.2
Fat 95.6
Fibre 9.2

And there you have it, barely any nutritional value for about double my own daily calorie intake and over 5 times my carbohydrate consumption. Now check out the ad, which boasts whole-heartedly about containing wholegrain. Big Whoop.

*don't take offense, my mother is American, which makes me half American, and I'm also an official American citizen :)


  1. Ah...I see the digestion craze is sweeping Britain as well. Is "digestives" a standard term over there for "stuff that makes you crap"? And "wholemeal" reminds of good good ol' American "choosefood" slices. Actually, the last I saw they were just calling them "singles" at the store...apparently even using the word cheesefood was too misleading.

  2. Digestive biscuits have been around forever over here. I'm not really sure that people think of them as 'helps with digestion' rather they just think tasty sweet carbs to dunk in my tea and coffee! Don't even get me started on the cheese slices thing... ack!

  3. I just shudder at all UK TV ads for food supposedly "healthy" - infact they really wind me up.