Monday, 29 March 2010

And so it begins...

Hi, I'm just your average Grokette (but you can call me Nikki), 21 years old, engaged, full-time office worker with a mortgage.

I've started this blog to document my experience of Primal living in our modern world. I hope that in doing so I can keep myself motivated to stay primal, and (eventually, maybe, someday) to inspire and motivate others on their primal journey.

So I've been about 80% Primal for about 3 weeks now, and today I decided that I want to go 100% Primal. I have a problem with emotional eating (really can't figure out why or how that started, or even when) and so I tend to eat when I'm bored/lonely/stressed/upset/insert emotion here. I did this at the weekend, and the bread and cereal that I ate made me feel so sick! That told me that my body likes the changes I've made (eating Primal) and that it does not like grains, starch or sugar and doesn't want that junk any more. My brain is the problem. It comes up with all the excuses in the world to trick me into eating glucose making fake foods. Well I'm done listening to my brain on matters that are food related. Today I've made a commitment to myself. No more emotional eating. No more excuses. No more eating when I'm not hungry, and definitely no more non-Primal non-foods!

Another little problem I have is that my fiance, love him as I do, is very lean (much to my annoyance) no matter what/how much he eats, and does not understand Primal living, and will not partake. So, I cannot wholly ban these non-foods from my flat, nor can I convince him that it would benefit him in every way possible to go Primal with me. I have, however, managed to get him to let me cook for the both of us in the evenings, so I have succeeded in removing all the frozen dinners, soup cans, baked beans, pasta etc. from the kitchen, in favour of lots more meat and fresh veg. And hurrah! He actually enjoys my meals, and I get to experiment more with new recipes, as I'm cooking not just for myself any more :)

So this is my attempt at becoming totally Primal. I hope that you will follow me on my journey and help keep me motivated, and I hope that my posts will help you in some way. Don't forget to check out the sites I visit linked here, which are all packed with awesome information and inspiration for the Primal lifestyle!

Hit me up with questions or comments any time, it's always a pleasure to meet like minded people! Grok on!