Tuesday, 13 April 2010

I can't BELIEVE they're trying to make these look healthy!

OK so probably only British readers will fully appreciate this, but this TV ad keeps coming on in between parts of 90210 and I am just flabbergasted by it!

Mr. Kipling is a company that makes cakes, such as Fondant Fancies, Battonburgs, Cherry Bakewells, and a load of others, all very tasty as I recall (most probably way too sweet for my newly trained primal tastebuds now) and all very very unhealthy.

In this new TV ad, they make their Oatibakes out to be a healthfood! The sad thing is that I can imagine a lot of people falling for this feeble attempt at claiming cake is good for you. And the people that don't fall for it? They'll probably use it as an excuse not to feel guilty about eating them. Pfftt!


  1. Ha!!! I've seen this!!!! What worries me is that you never see his face....

  2. Yes, why do they make Mr. Kipling mysterious? I thought they were going for wholesome. Lol

  3. Lol! Mr. Kipling is dead. That's why they don't show him.
    The names you come up with for baked goods across the pond really make me smile :-) Oatibakes? Cherry Bakewells? Lol! I suppose it's no better than our Twinkies or Moon Pies!

    Grok on!

  4. Judging by the shot of the ingredients bowl, what she got was a very large amount of golden syrup! Health-wise, they should have scoffed the butter cubes and saved the golden syrup for the bedroom later!

    The moral of that ad' - eating large amounts of sugar & gluten spark you out & kill your sex life!