Monday, 12 April 2010

Hey, Dairy, I ain't gonna be your b*tch!

This weeks mini-challenge - say Hell No! to dairy. 

It's fine to have a little cheese or full fat Greek yogurt occassionally if you're livin' life the Primal way, but you don't wanna get into the habit of relying on it. I personally have been leaning on cheese a little too heavily when I need to feel sated. So, this week, I'm saying Hell No to dairy.

It is preferable to rely on fresh vegetables and animal fats/protein as your main source of calories and nutrition. I think this is pretty much a no-brainer, but there have been studies (funded by the dairy industry no less) trying to suggest that dairy will help you to lose fat. No it won't. Dairy is very calorific and just not the best choice for us humans. A lot of body builders avoid dairy as they say it softens their physique when they really want to show of that muscle definition. Which just goes to show that it shouldn't really be a main component of your diet if you're looking for fat loss and better muscle tone.

If I can make it through one week, I'll be extending my mini-challenge for another week, and then another. I would ideally like to make dairy an occasional indulgence, rather than letting it make a regular appearance in my everyday diet. But for now, we'll say a week sans dairy.

Try it with me, one week, no dairy (eggs are allowed!) and see if it makes a difference. Will you miss it? Or will the fresh foods you eat instead actually make you feel better?

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